Dino Animation and render tests

Rendered and animated my dinosaur. Turntable is coming next!



Weight Painting WIP


Today I spent the day painting weights, starting the get a little bit happier with the model now. The posing is looking better. But now i’m spotting issues with the diffuse texture, after feedback I became more aware that this is something I will have to tweak. And the specularity on the inside of the leg needs some work aswell.


Render Test With New Eyes

Render Test With New Eyes

A test render with the new eyes. I feel the skin looks good from far away, but doesnt look that good close up, this could be down to needing to tweak the specular map so that it shows up more detailed highlights. Even though the model wont be viewed from close up i’d still like to fix this issue just for future modelling projects where the models will have to be viewed close up.